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24h2 - 300_500

24-hour service

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300_500 -3

 Closed and semi-open

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300_500 - 1

Up-to-date devices

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300_500 - 2

Friendly environment

Photo Gallery

Iced Americano36
Iced Latte43
Iced Mocha43
Fizzy Lime(Soda, Lemon, Espresso)43
Frappe(Vanilla, Caramel)43
Hot Chocolate43
White Chocolate43
Masal Tea41
Milk Honey Cinnamon36
Tea Latte36
Black Tea21
Moroccan Tea32
Clamness TeaBeef tongue flower, spring orange, mint32
Autumn HerbalThyme, lavender, honey32
Green tea29
Hibiscus Tea29
Lemon Beebrush29
Viper's Buglosses29
Red Mojito42
Sunrise(Orange, Pomegranate)37
PapayangBanana, Peach, Mango, Vanilla ice cream45
Orange Berry42
Non-alcoholic beer17
Espresso 36
Espresso Especial50
Americano Especial50
Caramel Macchiato41
Syrup desired8
Classic Burger78
Chees Burger81
Chorizo Burger108
Mushroom Burger83
Chicken Burger78
Chicken Pesto Panini107
Chicken & Meet Panini112
Alfredo Pasta112
Pesto Pasta112
Mexican Pasta78
Diet Plate85
chicken & Meet Plate144
Banana Chocolate59
AmirKabir Ice cream59
AmirKabir Shake60
Breakfast Plate105
English Breakfast96
Chicken omelette69
Chorizo omelette69
Mushroom Omelette53
Caesar Salad95
Side Salad43
French Fries43
Mushroom Sauce Fries60
Cheddar Fries53
Meat Salad120
Egg Toast & Gouda43
Nutella Toast & Banana60
Hot Dog Wrap60
Chicken Wrap66

Coffee shop second floor plan for booking tables

لطفا ابتدا عضو سایت شوید - از دکمه بالا سمت راست صفحه اقدام نمایید

Discount for hotel’s passenger

Condition on preparation the ticket or tour from the Travel Agency.

Travel Agency Services

Flight delight on top…

  • Airfare
  • Train ticket
  • City tour
  • Total tour services
  • Tourism services
  • Short term tours
  • Great Hotels and Airlines

Dedicated booking of table or hall

More economical and more convenient

Suggested plans for booking

Dedicated hall booking


  • Dedicated booking of the upstairs hall
  • Suitable for business or family meetings
  • Apply for booking 2 days in advance
  • The subject of the meeting must be announced before booking and payment
  • Cost: 450 Thousand tomans per hour
  • 10% offer to booking from the hotel’s web sites


A table in Didar hall


  • Booking a table in first floor
  • Maximum table capacity: 6 persons
  • Suitable to business meetings
  • Entrance fee: 30 Thousand tomans per person







Booking to watch football


  • No restriction on the choice of hall
  • watch live football according to the games announced on the cafe’s Instagram page
  • Maximum time: 100 minutes
  • Booking table for 2,4 or 6 persons
  • Register a table booking on the site or Instagram, 2 hours before start of game



A table in upstairs hall


  • Booking the dedicated table in up hall
  • Maximum table capacity: 6 people
  • Suitable for business or family meetings
  • Entrance fee: 30 Thousand tomans  per person
  • Upon request the cost of flower arrangement is calculated separately




Hold a Birthday party


  • Top hall booking in full
  • Maximum time: 3 hours
  • The value of serving cake calculated separately
  • Decoration will be the liability of the customer
  • Apply for booking 2 days in advance
  • Cost: 400 Thousand tomans per hour






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