A locality for important economic meetings


According to the economic and strategic conditions of Karaj and Alborz province, commerce will be play a major role in the progress of the people and city. In the meantime, business meetings play an effective role to get the desired result for commerce relations. The existence of companies has caused many businessmen and managers from all over Iran and other countries to engage in business interactions with them.
But there was a lack of complete complex in the Alborz province that would have all the conditions to host of business passengers, until the AmirKabir Hotel in 2021 tried to fix this defect with the constitution of the conference hall. To be a provider of accommodation services and a locality for important economic meetings.
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Discount for hotel’s passengers

Condition on preparation the ticket or tour from the Travel Agency

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Meeting hall plan for booking

Special for holding specialized meetings


Suggested plans for booking

Booking to sports team



  • Timespan: 60 minutes
  • Suitable to match analysis
  • 20 % discount to sport team that staying at the hotel
  • Cost: 300 Thousand tomans







Business meeting



  • Timespan: 90 minutes
  • 10 % discount for contracting companies
  • 5 % discount for dedicated menu
  • The subject of the meeting must be announced before booking and payment
  • Cost: 450 Thousand tomans




Holding a language class



  • Special for language teachers
  • Timespan: 90 minutes 
  • 10 % discount for classes above 10 persons
  • Apply for booking 2 days in advance
  • Booking will be made for one month
  • Cost: 400 Thousand tomans



Booking a full day



  • Timespan: 8 Am to 8 Pm
  • Suitable for master classes and one-day events
  • 10 % discount to online booking
  • 10 % discount to dedicated menu
  • Apply for booking 2 days in advance
  • Cost: 2/500 Million tomans




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